Sunday, March 25, 2007

If Mondays are the worst, Sundays are the best

As the rain glides against the window and waters the trees I planted last week, I sit here and enjoy the knowledge that I don't have to do anything, if I don't want to. It's Sunday afternoon and what a lazy Sunday afternoon it's been!

My days are busy, my weekends are busy, and it's always nice to have a day like this where nothing is important but to just enjoy life. The dishes in the dishwasher are clean, and I haven't unloaded them. The laundry was mostly done yesterday, but I haven't folded the clothes. I haven't even written today, though I did get other stuff done. And soon, I'm going to get dinner started and settle down to a movie. The perfect ending to a stressful workweek.

Tomorrow is starting another workweek, so I have to revitalize myself. We have a new employee starting, the third in less than a year and one who I don't think plans on staying (but that's another story) so I love these lazy, rainy days.

What's your favorite day of the week? What's your favorite lazy thing to do?


Lee Morrison said...

I had a lazy day on Saturday afternoon. The first in a long time where I just put my feet up and enjoyed the time.

Watched The Lake House, and Rumor Has It. Shed more than a few tears during The Lake House and wondered why I was enjoying it so much, lol. But, enjoy them both, I did.

I love all the days of the week, for different reasons. I suppose I'd have to say that any day I can spend with my family would be my favorite. Mostly weekends, but all in all, Sunday afternoon HAS always seemed a bit more relaxing to me.

Good luck with the new employee!

Anonymous said...

Saturdays are my favorite day--the only day I can sleep in. I try to set it up so the chores are done, the house is clean, and I can do whatever I want. I'll watch a favorite movie, or have lunch with a friend...something a little out of the ordinary.