Saturday, November 17, 2007

Just when I thought there was nothing left

Some days I am incredibly insightful and creative. Other days I'm like a deflated balloon and I couldn't come up with something creative if it hit me over the head.

I dread those uncreative moments, especially when they last awhile.

I've been battling with myself over my writing. These funny little things that pop up, brainstorms you have to have with yourself until you get things right. It's worse when you can't brainstorm because you can't think of one thing. Not one.

This has been going on for...well, ever since I completed my last novel (which I haven't talked about yet because it is in limbo, and so I don't like to talk about it). I also finished a novella about a month or two ago. In 1-2 months, yes 1-2 months, I have not been writing much!!!

I hate to admit it, because I was worried I had nothing left. I think it's a worry many writers have, but I seriously thought my career was over. Until I realized I had to give myself a break. I remember going through this same thing last year, and I was in the middle of my story then. This time, I'm at the beginning.

I read that Nora Roberts writes everyday, no matter what, because "you can't edit a blank page". She doesn't believe in writer's block and believes that a writer is going to write. So imagine the pressure I've been feeling because I can't seem to write.'s what I did.

I gave myself a break. I just completed and submitted my third 100K novel, I finished and submitted a 40K novella. I have every right to take a break. To feel emotionally exhausted. To feel like every word has been detracted from my body. So once I finally realized this, I accepted that I just needed a break. Then I did other creative things, like created a character sketch for my characters.

I had a character sketch already, but I didn't care about my characters. I didn't care about my story and had no idea. But once I gave myself that break and realized I deserved it, everything was better and I actually wanted to work on the story. This sketch is very cool, almost a poster board type sketch only it's on my computer (I printed it to hang on my wall), with pictures and facts about the character. Maybe I'll show it to you one day, but for now I have to keep it to myself. It is a WIP, after all, and I never talk about my WIP.

So...just when I thought the well was dried up, water burst forth, and I've written some fantastic scenes this evening. Ones I am so proud of!

Oh, and I realized that just because a certain author does it a certain way, no matter how successful she is, doesn't mean we are all that way! We have to do things that work for us. What worked for me is finally telling myself that I deserve a break and will get back on track. It didn't take long to get back on track once I came to this realization on my own (doesn't matter how many people told me to take a break beforehand). I only hope I stay on track for awhile...

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The Blonde Duck said...

Hooray! I'm so glad to hear that everything is going well! Have faith! It'll just get better and better.

And if all else fails, just tell the Annoying Arrogant Boss Man he sucks. That's always fun and stress-relieving! :)