Saturday, December 01, 2007

Crazy Life and the Holidays

I've been meaning to post since Thanksgiving, but life has been crazy for me. Work is insane since we took off 2.5 work days amounting to 4.5 with the weekend. Leaving early on Wednesday and not coming back until Monday, then I had Tuesday off for a doctor appointment. I'm still playing catch up because crime doesn't stop, even with the holidays. Actually, it seems worse this time of year.

Have you put up your Christmas tree yet? I haven't. I haven't done anything except placed a holiday mat by the door. I plan on doing it all today, and dear hubby has promised to help. I have a lot of my holiday shopping done, but not all of it.

This evening is the town's Christmas parade. I'm going to try to go. I have a gingerbread house mix I plan on making soon with my 6-year old niece. We might try to get together next week and do that. Should be fun. I've always wanted to do it, but never have. I was going to try to go on a wine tasting holiday tour, but didn't buy tickets ahead of time. :( And there's still the trail of lights I can't miss.

The weather has been sullen. Very cloudy, foggy, and misty. I love the snow, but I live in Texas, so there is no snow. I look outside my window and see murky skies and dead grass where I dream of seeing bright sunshine and white snow (it's beautiful!) But if I look across the way at my pond, I see beautiful ducks and some type of crane. So there's always beauty, even in what first appears ugly. And now is the time to light some candles and put on some Christmas music. And who knows, maybe this evening after the parade, I'll drink some Pennsylvania Dutch Eggnog (the best) and finish my decorations.

So...are you getting everything done for the holidays? What do you still have left to do? We have 3 weeks!


Anonymous said...

I have the tree up and most of the cards done. Gifts are bought for the family, but not for friends, and I still have to make my traditional candy (Buckeyes)--that'll take a whole day. Wishing you a happy holiday, try not to run straight through it, lol!

The Blonde Duck said...

I have to buy my dad and FIL's gift, decorate/ bake cookies for the office holiday party, buy a frame and create a present for a co-worker's retirement party (I want to know who the hell made me the party planner of the Pond), bake pumpkin bread for the neighbors and bake pumpkin bread for the three female co-workers I like. Hooray!!!

And watch Christmas movies. Lots of Christmas movies.

Lee Morrison said...

I don't have the tree up yet. I plan to do that this weekend. The snow here is helping me to get in the Christmas spirit. Winter seemed to hit suddenly.

Haven't shopped yet. I plan to get to that too. :)

I have to make nutrolls, which I do every year--Grandma's special recipe.

Gee, there's a lot I still have "planned" to do. I hope I get to it all. Yikes.