Friday, December 01, 2006

Happy Friday!

TGIF! That's all I can say about this week. Work + stress doesn't equal productive writing, but I have gotten a lot of edits done on my second novel, ONE WRONG MOVE, and I should have my 1st round complete and sent in to my editor by tomorrow.

The Wild Rose Press has a lot of fantastic Christmas reads available! I've already read several, and have more in my must read list. If you're in the mood for a holiday story, check out all the selections at The Wild Rose Press. I'm very impressed with the stories I've seen so far.

Of course, I have to take this time to promo my own story, CHRISTMAS BELLS. One thing I love about The Wild Rose Press is that out all the Christmas stories I've read from them, they were all good and heart-warming, but all so different. A nice change. Buy all 26 stories, and get 26 wonderful and unique stories.

Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...
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Emma_Sanders said...

Seems spam has found bloggers now. I got a comment from an anonymous poster advertising insurance that I've never heard of. Anyone else have this problem?

Lee Morrison said...

Hi Emma!

Carol Ann Erhardt said...

Hi Emma. Just popping in to see what you've been up to. Congrats on getting the first edits done. That's a big milestone. As for spammers, yep, I had them too. That's why I added the secure signing on mine. You might want to use that too. It's a pain but it does alleviate the majority of such stuff. Happy Holidays!

Scarlett Sanderson said...

Congrats on the release of Christmas Bells and the first round of edits! I cannot seem to get time enough to write right now. LOL. Maybe after the holidays.

As for spammers, they are the curse of the blogs ;)

Stacy Dawn said...

Yeah, spammers hit me every once in a while too.

Thank you so much for the great review on my story Reindeer Games!!