Friday, November 24, 2006

The Day After

I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving. I did. I stuffed myself, as usual. Gorged on pecan pie and wine afterwards. My favorite Thanksgiving dish is pea salad and green bean casserole. What's yours?

I have to rave about my sister for a moment. My sister and I have never done the major Thanksgiving cooking. We pitch in when necessary (pea salad and green bean casserole, LOL), but other family members do the major turkey and dressing.

Two years ago, Cheryl, her mother-in-law, taught her to cook her famous dressing and a few other recipes. (I say famous, because it should be, it’s delicious!). Cheryl told her “one of these days, you’re gonna have to know how to do this.”

Who knew it’d be this year. As some of you may remember from an earlier post, Cheryl passed away unexpectedly a month ago. My sister decided to cook what her mother-in-law taught her, and she did it all by herself, starting Wednesday evening. She cooked stuffing, this awesome sweet potato casserole, squash casserole, smoked ham and turkey (those were already cooked, but she still had to bake them for a little while). She did a fabulous job. I know she was proud of herself, and I'm proud of her. It’s a poignant reminder of what to be thankful for.

Do you do most of the holiday cooking, or does someone else?


Marty said...

Sounds wonderful! I did the "helping" this year, because my mother is in a wheelchair after surgery on her ankle. I've done the whole shebang before, so this was a good refresher. My favorite thing? You're gonna think I'm weird--Fordhook lima beans.

Jen said...

I do all the cooking. My Mother in Law makes stuffing and, this Thanksgiving, my best friend made the pies. I get to do everything else, including Green Bean Casserole. I think my favorite thing is the gravy. Everything is better with gravy. LOL. Hope you have a great holiday season.