Monday, February 19, 2007

What do you do?

What do you do after the most fabulous night of your life, especially when you know it was also your biggest mistake because the man you spent it with is a womanizing jerk?

Do you play cool? Hard to get? This is what Rayma does:

“Are you going to be the kind of woman who acts like last night didn’t happen?” She didn’t reply, and Camden sighed. Rayma had nothing to say. She was strung out, stressed, depressed, and falling in love.

There was nothing she could say.

“Last night was the most incredible night of my life,” Camden said, his lips next to hers.

She couldn’t pull away because there was no place she could go. The desk sat right at the edge of her lower back and his arms were wrapped around her with his hands hitting the desk.

Imprisoning her.

“Let me go,” she finally said, though it sounded like a choke to her ears.

“Not until you kiss me.”

“Absolutely not,” she said as she pushed on his chest.

“Then lie to me. Tell me last night wasn’t the best night of your life.”

She shook her head but inside she was furious. He was pushing her buttons and for some reason, her heart hurt. Is that what he said to all women? Is that what he said to the women he met tonight?

And why did she care? She never had before.

“You know, you’re not the only man in the world I’ve been with,” Rayma said. “It was great, as are many of my sexual exploits. It probably wasn’t the greatest in the world. You’re not God’s gift to women, no matter how much you’d like to think so.”

Why is she acting this way? Why is she pushing Camden away? Find out, in ONE WRONG MOVE. If you prefer print books, you don’t have long to wait. It’ll be released in print on March 2, and you can pre-order now on!

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Scarlett Sanderson said...

*claps* Love the excerpt, Emma!