Tuesday, April 17, 2007


This morning before my shower, my husband called to tell me the junk car he was (finally) going to have towed off had two kittens and a mother inside. Naturally, I couldn’t let someone haul off a car and let two kittens die, and he needed to get to work (he was there to put the title in the car) so I told him to go on and I’d check on them before I left to see if maybe the mother moved them. She’s a stray cat and wasn’t used to humans. I didn't even know she existed because I'd never seen her before.

After I was already running late, I tried to apply my makeup on through the steam in the mirrors. When the room finally cleared, I almost screamed in horror at my clown-faced makeup, found my face cleanser and washed my blush off, and went with barely any on today. In my haste to get out the door, I stumbled down the steps and had to go back up after realizing I forgot my lunchbox. (yes, I do take a lunchbox to work, LOL)

I made it to the junk car. It’s about a hundred feet or so down from the house and I didn’t walk since it’s on my way out. It was a little wet and muddy outside and I made the mistake of wearing flip-flops. Good thing I was standing back a ways from the window, or the mother cat would have mauled me on her rush out the window when I walked up.

But alas there they were, two sweet kittens that didn’t quiet have their eyes opened yet. I immediately called my husband and told him under no circumstances were those people to come haul this car off yet. They’d have to wait a few weeks until the kittens were grown enough to take care of themselves or if the mother moved them, which I thought she might (but hasn’t yet).

Like I really need more cats... :)

Surprisingly, I wasn't late for work, but I was ready for an excuse this time, LOL. If I get a chance, I'll post a picture. They are gray tabby type cats and very adorable.

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