Thursday, April 19, 2007

Love is a Mystery

That’s basically the quote I use for my romance and I want to share a story with you on why I believe love is a mystery.

My friend leads a normal life. She’s beautiful, single, works full time and has a fear of relationships because of past relationships that had gone sour. She’s young and somewhat ready to find someone, but it has to be the right one.

She has found someone she really likes, and he likes her too it seems, but they are taking their time, which is a good thing. She’s told me some things that keep her wall up and I tell her she has to let go of past bitterness so that it doesn’t make her just that…bitter. Embrace each new relationship as if it were your first, no matter how difficult.

That’s what I love about love. It takes time to develop, like a flower bud blooming then opening on a warm, spring day. You don’t automatically know someone the first time you meet, though you’ll make assumptions right away. If they cast all their problems out immediately, knocked their walls down so each of them knew what they were getting, then they probably would never work out. The best kind of love is slow love, IMO, even if the chemistry is immediate, especially if the chemistry is immediate, LOL.

Of course, real life romance doesn’t seem to work out they way they do in novels. People don’t always like to tear down their walls and would rather remain untrusting and single for fear of pain. He’s leaving soon for something he has to do, and it may be awhile for them to see each other again. If I were writing this novel, of course, I’d find a way to make it work, but we don’t always do that in real life, do we?

Ahh…the mystery of love. It’s not always the external conflict, the who-done-it or the how-are-we-going-to-solve-this? It’s the internal conflict, the not wanting to get hurt again conflict. I love to write about romance and I just love to hear about real life romance and I wish my friend the best of luck in her romance!

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Carol Ann Erhardt said...

What a great post, Emma. I, too, wish your friend the best in her romance. I love your tag line...Love is a Mystery. So true.

Carol Ann