Monday, August 06, 2007

Anxiously Awaiting Sandra Brown

It's almost here...the release of Sandra Brown's new novel, PLAY DIRTY. Now I LOVE to read and I have many authors I buy, even authors I'd put in my favorite authors list, but Sandra Brown is one of the only authors I actually wait for and get excited about.

I'm not a crazed fan, by any means, but I look up to Sandra Brown. She's a mentor of mine, and I've never even met her or exchanged words with her. She's also an enigma, and someone I would love to invite over for dinner (as long as I don't have to cook).

On or about August 12, don't expect me to do much. I've pre-ordered it, so I probably won't get it in the mail for a week after, but it's a day or two, or however long it takes (which won't be long), of no writing, no reading anything else, maybe no cooking. Because truly, Sandra Brown is my favorite author of all time.

Naturally, I want to follow in her footsteps. I hope one day that someone out there will anxiously await my next book. I read and read her stories to get it finished, to see what happens next, but I hate finishing it, because then the story is over for me. Have you ever read something, then had a hard time getting into another story, because it was so well written that everything else paled in comparison?

Sandra Brown is one of the reasons I decided romantic suspense was my passion, and not contemporary romance. I love her style, her voice, her stories, and as each year passes, they get edgier and edgier. She can describe something in a way nobody else can. She releases ONE a year, and though it's hard to wait, it's worth every moment.

Her characters are true to life, imperfect people. I just love them.

Who's your favorite author? One that you just can't get enough of? Do you have one in particular that you admire?


Marty said...

One of my favorite authors is historical fiction writer Jeff Shaara. I have all of his books, and several of them are autographed. I deny being a stalker, but he's such a nice guy and has a great story behind him. It's been cool to watch him grow as a writer as well. I'm off to check when HIS next book comes out :)

Scarlett Sanderson said...

Oh, I have a huge list of must haves. But Sherrilyn Kenyon and J.R Ward are always on my pre order list.

I do love Sandra Brown though. I've just finished reading 'Standoff'.

Lee Morrison said...

There are many authors I admire.

Stand outs are Linda Howard, Roxanne St. Claire, and Marion Lennox.

Nothing like a book by your favorite author and a quiet Sunday afternoon, lol.