Sunday, August 05, 2007

X Games, Jake Brown, Travis Pastrana, Etc.

Every year, my husband and I watch the X Games---four days worth. Thank God for Tivo, right? If you don't know what X Games is, it is an accumulation of extreme sports such as skateboarding, Moto X, BMX and rally racing. Best Trick, Big Air, etc. etc.

I don't partake in extreme sports, but I'm a huge fan (and of course, I have my favorites). My third novel actually mentions, somewhat, extreme sporting and one day I hope to write more about it.

I was enthralled Thursday night when the skateboarding big air was in process. Jake Brown fell 45 feet, his shoes exploded from his feet, and I'm sure a lot of people, including me, thought he was dead. I prayed as I watched and finally, he stood and walked off the stage. God bless you, Jake Brown! We're glad you're safe.

It was a good show this year, but I was disappointed in the end...the rally race with Pastrana and Foust. I'm a huge fan of Pastrana (and the Subaru WRX, as I have one, LOL), and I didn't think Pastrana should have been disqualified. After all, look at the course. They were so close, it's almost inevitable that someone is going to run into someone else. IMO, you don't get on the course if you don't expect your car to be damaged. Would it have been different if they weren't side by side? But that's what I love about Travis Pastrana, he goes out with joy and no hard feelings. That, my friends, is called charisma, and he has it in spades. He's happy to be there, no matter what, and truly enjoys what he does. More athletes should learn from him (instead of pouting when things don't go their way).

Let's see...four days worth of X Games and there's a lot to talk about. Last year when we saw Pastrana do the double back-flip in Moto X, I feared things would only get crazier. After all, how can you top that? But it seems these athletes always push themselves. I did miss the 900 in skateboarding this year, but as usual, I'm glad everyone is safe.

Congrats to all the winners, and to those who did not win, congratulations. Because you succeeded in making it to X Games and attempting your best.

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