Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Kiss of Midnight, by Lara Adrian

Today is Movie Review Day, only I’m changing it to Movie/Book Review. (Hey, it’s my rules, I can change them.) I am currently reading a book that deserves to be raved about. It has everything I love in a book. It is intense, character-driven over an exciting plot, and full of imagery that makes me feel like I’m a part of it.

It’s a paranormal. I haven’t read a paranormal in years. When vampires first started coming out, I read a few and liked them okay, but haven’t picked up another since. I’m just not fond of paranormal. I prefer human beings. How in the world can someone fall in love with a vampire and think he’s sexy? Or a werewolf or some kind of human changing animal or a…

Well, Lara Adrian has changed my mind.

On her website, Lara Adrian says: "Why vampires? Vampires as heroes in romantic fiction speak to the most basic instincts we know. (Fear and desire). They are the ultimate bad boy, and who among us can resist that kind of allure?"

KISS OF MIDNIGHT is awesome. She weaves a tale through intense POV, imagery that makes me feel like my own teeth are stretching and blood is filling my mouth. His castle is very real to me. I can see myself walking through it, I can understand it. The characters’ goals, motivation and conflict are logical. Though the hero, Lucan, is a vampire, he seems very human. And the hero/heroine don't fall in love by the third chapter. Lust, maybe, but they aren't in love yet, which is a good thing.

I love imagery, and she uses it well. She makes me feel like I’m right there, watching it all play out. Her writing style is what I love about certain romantic suspense. Intense, explicit, exciting, non-stop action and romance all rolled into one, and and oh, how she pervades my senses with her voice!

KISS OF MIDNIGHT is a series, and I’ll definitely be reading the others!

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