Sunday, February 03, 2008

8 Romance Novels I'd Want on a Desert Island

Since it’s the month of love and Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, I thought I’d share the 8 romance novels I’d want with me on a desert island. These are in no particular order. Also, I thought it’d be fun to share the 8 movies I’d like, providing this desert island had a television!

And, because I missed last month’s contest, I’m going to have my first contest of the year right now! Share your top 8 novels AND/OR 8 movies, and I’ll enter you to win. On Wednesday, February 7, I’ll post the winner, so that I can get your prize to you hopefully in time for Valentine’s Day! What is it? Ooh-la-la, I’m not saying, but it’s LOVEly and borders around the LOVE theme.


1. Gone With The Wind by Margaret Mitchell
2. A Rose In Winter by Kathleen E. Woodiwiss
3. Fat Tuesday, by Sandra Brown
4. The Villa, by Nora Roberts
5. One Wrong Move, by ME! (how could I go to a desert island without my babies?)
6. Holding Fast, by ME!
7. Come Love a Stranger, by Kathleen E. Woodiwiss
8. The Bible (yes, it’s romance!)


1. Top Gun
2. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
3. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest
4. Spiderman
5. Batman Begins
6. Ten Things I Hate About You
7. Shrek 2
8. Cars

Wow, that was hard, because I realized there are a lot of movies I enjoy and could watch a million times. I'm excited about the new Rambo movie, because I love the old Rambo films (but I haven't seen it yet). If the old Superman films from Christopher Reeves came on, you could bet I'd watch it (turns out one of them was on last night). And it was hard to leave Bridget Jone's Diary out of my list. :((

So there you have it...let me hear yours. Choose novels, movies, or post both! The winner will be chosen on Wednesday!


Anonymous said...

Hi Emma!!
My Top 8 Romance Novels:

Riding The Thunder by Deborah MacGillivray
Somebody’s Lover by Jasmine Haynes (Romantica)
Silk Dreams by Diana Groe
Dead Perfect by Amanda Ashley (paranormal romance)
The Fortune Hunter by Jasmine Haynes
Cat O’ Nine Tales by Deborah MacGillivray
The Bride Wore Boots by JT Schultz
Annabelle’s Courtship by Lucy Monroe

My 8 Movies are:
Pirates: The Black Pearl
Pirates: Dead Man's Chest
Pirates: World's End
Sweeney Todd
The Austronaut's Wife
Secret Window
From Hell
LOL do you see a pattern :)

Emma Sanders said...

Ooh, I love Crybaby! I haven't seen that in years!

Yep, I see the pattern. Chocolat was also excellent with Johnny. :)

Thanks for sharing!

rebekah said...

Hi My top 8 Romance Novels would be all for of the MacKade brother storys by Nora Roberts. Diana Gabaldons Outlander. And the series of three books "The wild Wulfs of London" by Ronda Thompson.

My 8 movies are:
Pride and Prejudice the A&E version
Resident Evil 1,2,&3
From Hell
Ten things I Hate about you
Knights Tale
The Shining

Anonymous said...

Top 8 Romance Novels:
Heartbreaker by Julie Garwood
Paradise by Judith McNaught
Kingdom of Dreams by Judith McNaught
Every Breath You Take by Judith McNaught
Breaking Point by Suzanne Brockmann
Natural Born Charmer by Susan Elizabeth Phillips
Exclusive by Sandra Brown
The Trouble with Valentine's Day by Rachel Gibson

Top 8 Movies:
Pride and Prejudice (A&E)
Bridget Jones Diary
The Last of the Mohicans
Robin Hood Prince of Thieves
Disney's Robin Hood
Much Ado About Nothing
Shakespeare in Love

The Blonde Duck said...

Top ten novels (not all romance b/c I like to stir things up)

1)The BFG- Roahl Dahl
2) A Wrinkle in Time- Madeline L'Engle
3) A Ring of Pure and Endless Light- Madeline L'Engle
4) Naked Once More- Elizabeth Peters
5) The Secret Garden
6) Insert Nora Roberts novel here
7) That Linda Howard book I like and am too lazy to go look up the name of
8) The Frog Prince Continued by Jon Scieskza (It's romance! It's a fairy tale!)

Now that I've screwed that up, let's go to movies:

1) Legally Blond (duh!)
2) You've Got Mail
3) Enchanted
4) The Muppet Christmas Carol
5) Stranger Than Fiction
6) Finding Neverland
7) My wedding video (It's all about me!)
8) The old Rudolph Christmas Cartoons

Don't even count me in the contest. I didn't behave myself at all. :)

And Chocolat rocked. I loved that movie! I used to have the poster on my door in high school!

Maggie Toussaint said...

Hi Emma!

Romance books
Soft Focus, JAK
Nora's Irish Trilogy
High Tide, Jude Devereaux
The Nerd who loved me, Vicki Lewis Thompson
No Second Chance, moi (!!)
Thin Ice, Liana Laverentz

Star Wars - all of them
the movie that's the take-off on Star Wars starring Tim Allen
Blues Brothers
Sister Act
The Sound of Music
Indiana Jones, Raiders of Lost Arc

sorry the movies are a bit dated, as am I...

Donna Michaels said...

Hi Emma,

Super post and contest. Here are my tough choices:

Top 8 Romance Novels:(in random order:))

The Nymph King by Gena Showalter
Close Encounters of the Sexy Kind by Karen Kelley
The Bride Wore Boots by JT Schultz
Curses by Cindy Spencer Pape
Wanna Make a Bet by Stacy Dawn
Thrill Me To Death by Roxanne St. Claire
Lying Eyes & Alibis by JT Schultz
Meet Your Mate by (Me)
Legend of the Fourth Moon/The Mark of Goren by (Me...not yet released)

Top 8 Movies: (this is tougher!)

LOTR: The Fellowship of the Ring (Love them all but not enough room on the list...unless you'll let me have the boxed set..hehe)
POTC: The Black Pearl (ditto the above)
The Chronicles of Riddick
The Mummy 2 (love them all but...yeah, same as LOTR)
Die Hard 3
National Treasure
How to Loose a Guy in Ten Days

I also love Sixth Sense, all: Star Wars, Matrix, Resident Evil, Indiana Jones...hum, there's a pattern with mine as well. I just love an adventure!

Cool contest, Emma!

Donna Michaels

Katie Reus said...

Top 8 Romance Novels I'd Take
1-3 = The Midnight Series by Lisa Marie Rice
4. Dangerous Lover - Lisa Marie Rice
5. All the Queens Men - Linda Howard
6. Cover of Night - Linda Howard
7. Cry No More - Linda Howard
8. I don't know if this counts as a romance but I think it is so Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden b/c it's a different kind of love story.

Can you tell I'm slightly obsessed w/ certain authors, lol :)

rebekah said...

I just had to come back on an tell you that this is the hard question. After I posted my 8 faves I wanted to change them. There are so many good book and movies out there it is really too hard to pick just 8. This is a great mind bending question and cool contest.

Emma Sanders said...

Rebekah, I agree. I had a hard time just picking 8. These are all great lists, though!

Jennifer McKenzie said...

Oh man, I don't know! Tough deal.

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen
Gaudy Night by Dorothy L. Sayers (definitely a love story)
Pearl Cove by Elizabeth Lowell
Dances In Air by Nora Roberts
Paul's Dream by Rowan McBride
Go Between by Dayna Hart
Natural Law by Joey W. Hill
Death In A White Tie by Ngaio Marsh (definitely a love story)

Movies are tougher.

Practical Magic
Return of the King
The Matrix--Revolutions
Persuasion (with Amanda Root)
You've Got Mail
The Mummy Returns
So Proudly We Hail
The Big Sleep

Nina Pierce said...

Oh, I was just going to comment on your list, Emma, but it seems everyone played by the rules. So let me see if I can...

Romance Books
1. The Thornbirds
2-5. Nora Roberts witch series. (3 sisters on an island... awesome)
6. Any Sandra Brown novel (I've read so many I couldn't think of just one)
7. the Horsemaster's Daughter by Susan Wiggs (but again, I'd take just about any of her books!)
8. "The Healer's Garden" by me! Because I just love that book!

1. Thirteen Going on Thirty
2. IRobot
3. Wild Hogs
4. "Bourne" series (hey, a couple other people picked a series)
5. A Knight's Tale
6. 50 First Dates
7. Wedding Planner
8. Maid in Manhatten

Oh, that was hard. Great post Emma!

JOYE said...

My favorite books would be
Gone With The Wind
Colt's Choice-Patrice Michelle
All Jacked Up-Penny McCall
Twice Loved-LaVeryl Spencer
Shanna-Kathleen Woodiwiss
Mirror Image-Sandra Brown
the latest Janet Evanovich Stephanie Plum novel
Magnificient Obsession-Lloyd C Douglas
and instead of movies I would take 2 extra books-Red Sky at Morning-Richard Bradford and Harper Lee's To Kill A Mockingbird. I would be satisified with these until I was rescued. Wouldn't hurt if Sawyer from LOST was with me and I could read to him