Saturday, February 09, 2008

We're All in This Together

"We're all in this together-by ourselves." Lily Tomlin

This quote is so true when it comes to writing. Authors should understand this more than anything. The most important thing we as writers should do is support each other. Competition shouldn't even be in our vocabulary. Sure, we compete for first place, we want to be at the top of the bestseller's list, we want to win that contest we entered. But we should always be supportive of one another, even if we don't like each other.

I feel so alone at times in my writing. No one understands but others who write. I'm so thankful for my writing buddies. I hear of others who go through this same thing. There's a community out there for you. People who will support you. Sometimes you just have to find the right one.

Since today is tip/technique day and I'm writing this at the spur of the moment because I didn't come prepared, I also want to mention something I've learned about myself. A few weeks ago, I thought I'd never be able to write again. I just couldn't. Ideas were few and far between, the plot was...nonexistent. Should I give up? Be proud of what I've accomplished but realize it's not for me? It's easy to get depressed when this happens. I think many writers go through this. I hope to remember next time it happens that it is temporary, and I will get over it. Next time, I will allow myself a break and not force it. Now I'm back exactly where I need to be...writing! That's all I want to do, but unfortunately there are other things I have to do (like work for a living.)

Oh, and another tip...and WRITE WHAT YOU LOVE. Not what you think someone else might. It has to interest you in order for you to make it interesting to other readers.

Okay, well I'm keeping it short today because it's Saturday, hubby is cooking breakfast, then we have some things to take care of. Have a great weekend!


Jennifer McKenzie said...

Really? You went through that? It's such a sucky place to be, isn't it? I didn't like it.
I'm so glad you didn't quit.
You go girl.

The Blonde Duck said...

Hooray! I'm so glad you're back in the saddle again and bursting with creativity! If only we can get A.B.Man to leave you alone now so you become the worldwide success you deserve to be!

Nina Pierce said...

That was me last summer. Really thinking I couldn't keep putting words on the page... and who got me through? YOU! It is a crappy place to be, but we have to remember it is only temporary and just work through it. Glad you're working again!