Sunday, February 22, 2009

Goal, Motivation and Conflict

GMC. You know the term. Every main character (hero/heroine) must have one in your story to make their actions ring true. Even if your character doesn't understand why she wants what she wants, your reader will want to know, so YOU must know. Ah, so what does a character do when conflict gets in her way? Push through that conflict so that the character can have a happy ending. (Of course, you don't want it to be too easy, and boring, so the reader stops reading).

As I contemplate my character's GMC, I'm also contemplating mine:

GOAL: finish ms

MOTIVATION: to be published (and because I love to write!)

CONFLICT: life, full time job, business partnership with husband (I do the financials and tax season is upon us)

HOW TO OVERCOME: make a schedule and stick to it


GOAL: to attend the DARA conference

MOTIVATION: to meet other authors and have a chance to pitch my novel

CONFLICT: money (I have a tooth problem that is going to cost $1000!)

HOW TO OVERCOME: save, make extra money, get loan or don't go


GOAL: to get my website back up and running

MOTIVATION: because all authors should have one

CONFLICT: lack of knowledge

HOW TO OVERCOME: learn all I can and get help where needed


I've had my head down in editing my current WIP and in plotting my new novel. You probably won't hear from me except sporadically for now, but I am going to try to get back into a routine. Still, my writing is most important and so things like blogging are put on the back burner. :)

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