Saturday, May 16, 2009


I love them! I can’t get enough of them! Every time I tell myself I’ll stop buying them, I’ll do okay for awhile, then go crazy and buy a bunch at once. I have storage boxes full of them and if I had the space, I would set them on shelves and have a library room I could walk into and have them surround me.

Maybe I should have been a librarian? Unfortunately in my small town, the library isn’t that great and doesn’t carry as many books as I would like. The librarian has been there going on thirty years or so and will retire in probably in another thirty or more.

That’s okay. I can still browse the bookstore, the online stores, the library, and when all else fails I can come home and enjoy the ones I have shelved. It’s always fun to go through boxes of books. Some of them I browse through but never read and some of them I read more than once.

Should I feel guilty that I am not contributing to a greener earth by having all these books?

I love all genres, just like I love all genres of music. Sometimes I love to curl up with a good romance, mystery or thriller and other times I need an inspiration self-help to see me through a daunting week. I don’t know what it is about the written word, but I’ll read cereal boxes if that’s all there is. And trying to catch the meaning of lyrics excite me.

Books. Words. Language. Poems. Lyrics. Novels. It all excites me. I like to stay open to and read others’ ideas, though I will always keep my own.

Art...such as books, music, dance, paintings, movies (etc etc) a universal language. Maybe that's why it's so intriquing?

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