Saturday, September 30, 2006

Book Trailer

I've created a book trailer! Since I'm not so html literate, it took me a loonnng time to get it posted but it's done!

I created 2 trailers, one with the romantic aspect of the novel, the other with the suspense.

Romance Trailer

Suspense Trailer


Jen said...

GREAT job. How do I learn to do that? Of the two I like the suspense one the best.
Fabulous job Emma.

Emma_Sanders said...

I used movie maker (probably on your computer if you have XP) and bought stock images. I learned by doing. Time consuming, but not too hard.

Lee Morrison said...

Emma, that's simply AWESOME!!

Nice work! They're both great, but the suspense one is superb.

I hadn't even thought of doing that. What a fantastic idea.

Stacy Dawn said...

:( My country dial-up couldn't see it properly...what I did see was cool though

Marty said...

Cool--I'm dying to have some time to try this! Nice job! :)

Tempest Knight said...

Great job on the trailers, Emma! *wg*

Anonymous said...

Thanks Emma. I'm playing with it now. You rock. I never even noticed that was on my computer!