Monday, September 04, 2006

Caitlyn Joette Daniels

Caitlyn Daniels is used to living on her own, doing what she wants, and answering to no one except a boss who is out for dirt on eccentric people. When her boss assigns her to do a story on Wesley, her ex-fiancĂ©, he doesn’t know that she has all the dirt she’d ever need, and it involves no research.

She’s sassy, cynical, and can usually hold her own, but Wesley has an emotional hold on her. She has tried to convince herself she’s over him, but she sleeps with the scent of his cologne on her pillow every night. It’s a comforting factor for her. Wesley was her best friend, the first person who knew when she got her period. Before their relationship became sexual, he was just like any girlfriend. (Only with balls, LOL).

When Wesley left her, she thought she’d at least see him again, talk to him, maybe even work out their differences. She spent the first few years looking over her shoulder, expecting him to come back…

Rayma, Caitlyn’s very supportive friend for, well, most things, tells her:

“So find a man to sleep with,” Rayma said.

“You know that’s not the way I am. I don’t just sleep around and I’m not ready for a man to share my bed. Besides, it isn’t as easy as you seem to think.”

“I don’t think it’s easy,” Rayma said. “I just think you live in the past too much.”

“He was a friend-”

“A lover,” Rayma interrupted.

“And a whole lot of other things.” Caitlyn stood and snatched her purse, ready to dash off to the ladies room and get away from her friend’s interference, though she was only trying to be helpful. “I’ll always care about him as a person.”

“So sleep with him,” Rayma said.

Both Caitlyn and Wesley have a lot of baggage to muddle through, and neither of them looks to reunite in the beginning. But things become heated as their past comes to play and it isn’t easy to fight through those feelings. Sometimes emotionally intense, sometimes light and funny, Caitlyn begins to fall in love all over again.

“Your house is amazing.” She dipped her toe into the pool water and discovered it was heated.

“Thank you,” he said. He walked up to her and thrust his hands out as if he intended to push her in. He stopped just short of doing so and she sidestepped him. “You want to take a swim?” he asked.

“I don’t have a swimsuit.”

“That never stopped us before.”

Find out what happens to Caitlyn and Wesley in HOLDING FAST, available now at The Wild Rose Press.


Vivienne said...


Holding Fast sounds wonderful! I'm hooked!

Lee Morrison said...

Great sneak peek at Caitlyn!

Can't wait to see how she and Wesley work out their past.


jenleeland said...

Great blogging, Emma. How fun to read the in depth character studies.
I've really enjoyed this insight into your story.
Smart. Very Smart.

Loribelle Hunt said...

Sounds great Emma!

Lora said...

'nother great character, Emma!!!
*thumbs up*

magentaink said...

What a great preview! Now I've got to find out more about this story! :) Abby

Stacy Dawn said...

Awesome Emma...what a great way to show us your book

Amanda Brice said...

I can't wait to read it!