Saturday, September 30, 2006

The Power of Dreams

Do you get inspiration for a story idea from dreams? I don’t when I’m sleeping, but from “daydreams” when I’m focusing on my story.

The book I’m reading talks about listening to your dreams. We all know Stephen King does. I keep telling my husband he should write from his dreams, he’s one of those kinds of people. But I don’t dream like that and have never derived a story idea from a dream.

It also says Paul McCartney heard the melody for his Beatle’s song, Yesterday, in a dream and felt so strongly about it that at first he thought it was someone else’s song he’d heard. I feel that way about my writing sometimes. Not because of a dream, but because it’s so strong to me when I write it and the scene is so vivid that it seems like I’ve read it before. (Or it could be because I’ve read so much, but I hope not, LOL).

Anyone else have this happen? Anyone else use the power of their dreams?

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Marty said...

Sometimes it feels like an out-of-body experience to me, if that comes close?