Sunday, October 15, 2006

Interview with Wesley Webb

Hi, I’m Monica Dunn with News 9 and I was able to catch up with Wesley Webb before Sunday’s race to ask him a few questions. Wesley was edgy when I talked to him, and not too keen on being interviewed.

Monica: Wesley, how do you feel about today’s race?

Wesley: Ready.

Monica: Ready?

Wesley nods. He’s focused on his car and on everything but me. If I were to bet, I’d bet he wins today. He’s not being a smartass when he says he’s ready. He’s not being overconfident. He shakes his shoulders and one of his crewmen thumps him on the shoulder. It's almost time for him to get in his cocoon. I ask him about that.

Wesley: It's hard to stay in there hours on end, but it's the best meditation you could ask for.

I’ve never seen Wesley open up to anyone, and I have to practically pull his words out of him, unless he's talking about his car.

Monica: How did it feel to be beaten by Peppy John last year?

Wesley laughs: It sucked. I play to win.

Well, that about sums it up. He isn’t very talkative. I have the feeling he’s ready for me to leave. I don’t.

Monica: Who had made the greatest impact on your racing career?

Wesley: My uncle, Tim.

Monica: What do your parents think?

I feel like I’ve just smacked into a wall the way his eyes close and he moves away, ever so slightly as to barely be noticeable.

Wesley: They’re fine with it.

Why do I feel like he’s lying? Well, I’m lucky enough that he took the time to talk to me, so I don’t press the subject.

Monica: Do you have a favorite sport besides racing?

Wesley: Oh sure. I love to watch football or shoot hoops if I have time.

Monica: I’m sure it’s hard to find time to do a lot of things in your busy schedule. Any activities you enjoy?

Wesley: Cars are my hobby. Working on my house, being outdoors. Swimming.

He reaches inside his car, turns to talk to one of his crew members, and I feel like he’s trying to shut me out. He doesn’t like to get personal, and I want to know why.

Monica: Any lessons you’ve learned that you’re going to bring with you this year?

Wesley: Yeah. Don’t get behind.

Monica: Any lessons you’ve learned about yourself?

Wesley: That I can’t control everything.

I take a deep breath. I’m losing him. He doesn’t like my questions. I shimmer towards him, wondering if womanly wiles work on him.

Monica: How do you plan on beating Peppy this year?

Wesley: If I told you that, then Peppy would know my moves.

He finally stops to look at me. His eyes are magnetizing. They crinkle in the corner as he smiles, as if he knows exactly what I’m trying to do. I can see why women fall for him. I feel like I’m the only woman on the planet when he looks at me, but I sense his disdain for me. My feet stumble backwards.

Ah, that’s Wesley for you. Ladies, he’s single, but he’s a hard catch.


Stacy Dawn said...

LOL I loved it!

Lee Morrison said...

LOL Emma! Wesley sounds like he'd be worth the chase.