Friday, October 27, 2006


I have some writing to do, some groceries to buy and some family to visit. Oh, I should clean my house but that probably isn't going to happen this week. I did wash a load of clothes. Maybe I'll fold them in a few weeks. LOL.

It's the weekend before Halloween. What's your plan for the next few days? I hope to relax some while I wait to see if my Christmas story is accepted. Isn't it crazy that it's already that time of year? Have you done any Christmas shopping? My niece's birthday is next weekend but we're holding off a week for her party. Thank God, because I haven't bought her anything yet. Of course, at 5 years of age, she has everything. I don't know what to buy her.

I always wanted those motorized cars and never got one, so I would like to get that for her, but with money tight this year I'll have to see about that one. I usually don't wait this long...

When she was first born, I bought a million books because I just love books and I think reading to children is very important. I just ordered the Polar Express book from online (hope she doesn't already have it, haha). I should make an inventory of her books so I don't buy her something she already has.

I talk about my niece because I have no children. Aw, the luxury of enjoying a child and then letting them go home with Mom and Dad. :))

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


Marty said...

I hear ya...I'm 'aunt' Marty to a lot of my friend's kids. They're awesome. And when they're not, they go home :D

Lee Morrison said...

I'm finishing up some edits and hoping to get to by TBR pile today and start a good book.

Good luck with your Christmas story!