Sunday, March 02, 2008

“Cause… I said”

I want to welcome my guest blogger and the winner of my contest, Nina Pierce. Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Nina! It's all yours! *hands floor over to Nina*.

What a nice surprise to win one of your contests, Emma. Thanks for the invite, I’d be happy to take over your blog for a couple of days. *elbows way through crowd to front of line* Ah, much better. I’m always happy to talk about myself and my books.

I’m Nina Pierce, new to the publishing world. My debut novel “The Healer’s Garden” (direct link: was a December molten erotic release from Liquid Silver Books. It’s a suspense story that takes place in an alternative future.

A world left after the devastating plague of the twenty-first century nearly wiped out the male population and significantly decreased the female population. A place where woman have evolved and developed the talents of prophesying, telepathy, telekinesis, and the greatest gift of all—healing.

In this female dominated society, continuing the human population is of utmost importance. The virus that decimated humans has also rendered male sperm incapable of surviving artificial insemination and cloning has yet to be perfected. The government has enslaved acceptable males and decreed that woman must mate with them and birth two infants before the age of thirty.

It’s at the government breeding facility known as the Garden of Serenity that gifted healer Jahara Hriznek meets the mating instructor Brenimyn and so begins their tumultuous relationship.

Brenimyn believes the time is now to rise up and restore social equality for all. He is searching for the one woman prophesied to be his mate and partner in the battle against the government and believes Jahara is that woman. But can Brenimyn convince Jahara to trust her heart and follow him? And will that love be enough to unite them in a coup against the government and bring about a new world order?

I love this couple... love that Brenimyn is willing to risk his life to stand up for something he believes in and fight for the woman he loves.

I was born in the 60’s, but I am not a child of the 60’s. That was an era when men and women laid down in front of bulldozers or carried picket signs or stood up against the government on court hall steps. I’ve never stepped up in public and fought for a cause I believed in. I’m opinionated and not too shy to express myself, but have never gone to jail to prove a point. I greatly admire people who have stepped out of their comfort zone and stood up for a cause.

I love to hear stories of people with that much bravery. Have you taken a stand? Or would you like to? Tell me about it. I’ll be here all day!



(The Healer’s Book Trailer on YouTube)


Emma Sanders said...

Great post, Nina! I could make a comment about how I stood up for something I believed in and got "in trouble" for it (not with the law!) As a matter of fact, I had to delete one of my posts because of it, but that's a long story and better left unsaid...

I haven't exactly fought for a cause, but I have stood up for things I believe in and I have stood up to support others that I believe are in the right.

Nina Pierce said...

Sometimes we stand up for the right reasons at the wrong time and end up slinking back into the shadows hoping no one else noticed. :D