Sunday, March 02, 2008

I'm planning a wedding!

No, it’s not mine. It’s my characters. I haven’t planned a wedding in fourteen years, and my wedding dress was second-hand. Beautiful but yes, second-hand. I was young and had no money or credit (and neither did my parents.) But wow…planning my character’s wedding had me drooling over wedding dresses and I’m thinking…how about a renewal of vows?

Okay, okay, I guess I should wait a few more years. Maybe. But hey, next year will be our fifteenth anniversary! When is the best time to renew your vows? Twenty years? Twenty five? Never? My husband says we’ve already been married and what’s the point of renewing our vows? He hates a crowd and doesn’t like the attention that a renewal of vows would bring. I do too, really, but our wedding was simple and small, which I’ve always believed is best because why spend a fortune on a wedding. I’d rather spend a fortune on a honeymoon.

But still…the deep part of my girliness craves that awesome wedding with that breathtaking wedding gown with the smell of roses and sunflowers and lilacs and…well, whatever type of flowers we use embracing me. The giddiness of finding the perfect invitations, the luxury of clothing yourself in extravagant lace and taffeta.

And speaking of weddings…my aunt is getting married this weekend! So I’m off to see her wedding in Florida (my first time in Florida) and I’m loaded with my cameras, film and SD cards. After all, pictures for the memories are the most important item to bring, right? What can you not leave home without?

With planning a character’s wedding and the anticipation of my aunt’s, no wonder I’m thinking about it!


Katie Reus said...

What part of Florida?? (I live here, lol)

The Blonde Duck said...

You could take a cruise and do a vow renewal in the tropics. I had a co-worker did that. The cruise provided the cake, photographer, location, minister, etc. She's got gorgeous photos and had the best time. Margaritas and wedding dresses, hooray!

Jennifer McKenzie said...

How was the wedding?