Friday, May 30, 2008

Blogging Hiatus

I've been so busy that I haven't been blogging, so I thought it was fair to let my readers (if there are any) know that I probably won't be blogging for awhile. I just have too much to do, and keeping up with the blog is one more stress I can't deal with right now.

I would blog about the stress and excitements of getting our business moved, but I haven't had a lot of time to even think about that. Well, actually I have had some thoughts. Corporate America makes it more difficult than ever to own a small, two-person operation business. It's sad, really, because that's how America started out. It's like we've forgotten our roots and now money is what drives most people. The more people there are, the more rules we have to follow. Don't get me wrong, rules are a good thing, but huge corporations have the money and the manpower that they can break rules easier or slip past them and make their own.

Collision repair shops are probably one of the most difficult businesses, IMO, because it deals with paint, thinners, and pollution problems. You have to make sure you're up to code on everything. Not enough capital is the reason most start-up businesses fail, but you can use all your capital just making sure you are up to code and have all the permits you need.

Because we are small, with a minute amount of capital, my husband and I along with his partner (my dad) are trying to do the majority of things (the move, changing over everything, the cleaning, etc) by ourselves. Because I work full time (and not with this business) and I have to write or else, I have to look at other things to drop. Writing is my anti-depressant, and I've actually been doing a lot of it lately. I guess the stress of everything has pushed me to write write write, so I'm going to take a blogging break. It's not like I was blogging much anyway, LOL.

I will be back and I'm going to try to do my Top 8 of '08, my Spotlights, etc. I just can't stick to my schedule right now and can't say when I'll be here, but you can always find me out and about somewhere on the internet.

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The Blonde Duck said...

Good luck! Don't be stressed!