Thursday, May 08, 2008

I have a purpose!

My good friend, the Blonde Duck from has given me an award! The Blogging with Purpose Award! (What was she thinking, LOL! She must have me confused with someone else!)

Seriously though, I appreciate this duck more than I can say, and I know her blog deserved this award, because it is cute, charming and oh so funny! So now I get to hand off the award to 5 bloggers who have not received the award yet, and I'm very excited. There are so many good blogs out there, it's hard to choose just 5!

The rules are:

1. Nominate 5 blogs which haven't had this award before

2. each of the blogs must have a purpose

3. the nominated blogs must make a link back to this page

4. the logo from the award must be put on their blog and it must link back to this blog!

(okay, I didn't do that part, but I do have a link on my blog back to the nominator!)

Because I love reading about where she is, where she's going, and seeing the pictures she posted of her trips! She travels the world in an RV with her husband and writes romance. What could be better?

She is an interesting person, you never know what you might find on her blog, and I don't know where I'd be without her!

I love reading about her newest ventures, and she writes sexy romantic suspense! My favorite!

I met Carol Ann when we had our novels published with The Wild Rose Press at virtually the same time. She has interesting people, facts and motivation on her blog, so it's definitely worth receiving a purpose award. (And I'm still trying to figure out how she did those great picture things on her blog!)

Jennifer is always cracking me up and she's always doing the cutest things on her blog! Plus, she writes from the heart.

So congratulations to the 5 bloggers who gained this notable award!


Katie Reus said...

Omg Emma, thanks! That's so sweet :)

Kara Dunn said...

Awww ... thank you, Emma, I'm in very good company! I will happily post this on my blog and link back here!

Carol Ann said...

Emma, thank you! I'll gladly post on my blog with a link back. I'm honored to be in such great company.

Jennifer McKenzie said...

WOW! Thanks Emma. I'll post this when I get myself together later this week.
I really appreciate this.

The Blonde Duck said...

Congradulations! And you do have a purpose! :)

Bess McBride said...

Thank you, Emma! How nice of you! I am encouraged by your comments! I'll be happy to link to your blog!

Bess McBride