Tuesday, August 05, 2008

My Adventures

August has been a good month for me so far. I started the weekend having lunch (and pie!) with a Miranda whom I email all the time but rarely get to see. If you visit her blog, you'll see the fun we had! Yesterday I learned that I was one of the winners of SMOKE SCREEN, Sandra Brown's upcoming book. She is my favorite author of all time! I pre-ordered her book, of course, but now I'll have a special one! (Of course, her books are all special to me.) I blogged about her a few years back when I was blogging about the greatest influences in my writing life. Besides my mom, she was mentioned, so I look forward to receiving the book. (And check out her contest page if you want a chance to win!)

I'm also the Texas ARF Author of the Month. That stands for Texas Authors' of Romantic Fiction. And...it looks like Texas might get some rain. I'm looking forward to that!

(More exciting things going on, but that's my little secret for now!)

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The Blonde Duck said...

Congrats on being a Texas author of the month! That's really cool! Good for you!

Dude, that pie was good. We'll have to get some again soon.