Thursday, September 25, 2008

13 Thoughts on the Government and the Current Events (and why do they think the American Public is Stupid?)

I usually try to keep politics, current events, government and religion out of my blog, but it’s time for me to rant. Many won’t agree with me. If anyone actually sees this rant, I expect a lot of backlash. So be it. I’m entitled to my own opinion and though I should probably keep it to myself, I just don’t want to right now. If I’m not correct on some of these facts, I apologize, but most of this is what I have heard on national television (so blame them, not me) and some of it is what I know from experience and observation.

1. AIG agreed to pay a severance package of $25 million to the previous CEO who has only been there since June. He declined to take it (for obvious reasons), but if they agreed to pay him this type of severance package, how much salary or severance packages have they paid in the past to their CEOs, CFOs, and other higher ups? Ooh, here’s an idea: stop paying higher ups an exorbitant salary and maybe you won't fail, which means we won’t have to bail you out against our will.

Seriously, most banks and corporations pay their higher up employees in the millions of dollars, offering bonuses even when they don’t deserve it. There are many corporate scandals who charge their customers an exorbitant fee, yet use their meetings as a vacation, hire escort services, etc. If you don’t believe me, I have a few in mind that I would rather not mention but do your research (or email me). Just one example of why we shouldn’t give tax breaks to these large companies and why these large companies shouldn’t be charging us loads of money and paying their higher ups in the millions of dollars.

2. Any company that makes over a certain amount of money should reimburse their customers their fees. I know these higher ups will not agree, but stop being selfish a moment and realize the importance of your actions on America as a whole. Money truly is the root of all evil and you reap what you sow. Even if you don’t believe in God, you should believe that what you put into this world will come back out to you. Instead of charging your customers $10 a month or 19% interest, charge half that. You may have to make less, but we little people have learned to budget and compensate in a year of our lives with half of what you make in a month.

3. If you serve in Congress even for only two years, your insurance is paid for life. Where do you think that comes from? Our tax dollars. Ooh, here’s an idea: once you retire or lose your government job, you lose your benefits, too, like the rest of the American people.

4. Why is any government official allowed to own stock? I believe that no government official who has the authority to make a decision should have any vested interest in stock. (Yes, that means you, President Bush). Seriously, they are making decisions based on the American people’s welfare and well-being. Don’t you think they are going to favor something that may affect the company they own stock in, or disfavor the competitors? Why should President Bush or half of the congress care how high oil is when they are making millions off the stock? Again, I know of a school district whose superintendent and the school board voting on using business for certain things that they had a vested interest in. Don’t you think the government is doing the same thing?

5. We produce wheat more than any other country. We have to ship this wheat (using fuel) to other countries. Uh, here’s an idea: charge more to ship the wheat if they are going to charge so much for the oil. But I won’t get started on an oil rant.

6. Here’s an idea: let the stock market crash. Let the rich people suffer. America was built from small business. The stock market didn’t exist from the beginning of time and companies still grew. Sure, Google may not be as huge as it is today, but America was built from small. Yes, we should grow, to an extent, but to to the extent where we become stupid and lazy. Let the small businesses run America again. Let mom and pop stores and hometown banks rule.

7. If rich people and the government really wanted to see the economy get better, why don’t they stop donating money to corporations and instead donate money to individuals who really need help? I know of several hurricane victims (even from Katrina and Rita not to mention the new Ike and Gustav we had recently) who could really use the money. Small business who are struggling could sure use the money. Seriously, if those who made in the millions contributed $100,000 to 10 people, they would only be out $1 million dollars (and could receive a tax break this way) and 10 new people would start spending money again. If 10 people donated $100,000 to 10 people, that’s $10 million dollars that new people have to spend. What do you think those millionaires are doing with it? Sure, they’re spending, but they’re also investing, spending on certain items or brands. 1000 people would their money on different things, and thus give the economy and businesses a chance to grow and thrive again. Let’s face it, the less we spend, the more we’re contributing to the decline of the economy. Sure, you don’t always know who you’re donating to, but that’s a chance everyone has to take. With a little research, it wouldn’t be hard. (Or make it into a lottery of sorts where individuals have a chance of winning once—of course, then you have to trust the people running the lottery, and how can you trust anyone these days.)

8. McCain was supposed to meet with David Letterman last night, but cancelled because he had to suspend his campaign because of the economic crisis. (Look it up if you think I’m making it up.) However, he was found in New York (same place David Letterman is in) talking to Katie Couric. Uh, if he’s lying about this, what else is he lying about? How is he going to run America during a crisis when he cancels his campaign because of a crisis? (watch the whole thing) I never trusted the guy anyway. How do we know he was a war hero? Where's the proof?

9. No one should make money in a war-torn country. They did it in Vietnam, they’re doing it now. When we’re at war, the government nor any company should make money in the middle of the war. I won’t go into it more, but that’s just my opinion.

10. Ooh, here’s an idea: don’t allow Exxon to have a profit in the millions. Don’t allow insurance companies to have a profit in the billions of dollars. Any profit should go back to the American people by paying on our National Debt so our taxes can be decreased. Tax the big companies and not the little people. Stop giving the big companies tax breaks. It’s ridiculous.

11. Why do medical companies profit so much on their medicine and charge so much for medicine the people have to have? If a generic brand can be made by half, why is it the higher end medicine so exorbitant? It’s not my fault I have to have insulin. Don’t punish me. People are paying so much for gasoline and medical costs that we can’t buy anything else.

12. Insurance controls everything. They control what a certain individual is going to get paid (doctors, auto body repair men, etc etc) yet when you have something happen to your home or vehicle or body part, they only pay a certain amount and you have to fight even to get that. They try to tell you where to take your car (that's because they make deals with auto body shops who charge less labor rates to the insurance companies but the basic rate to individuals who don't have the insurance). Let’s look at how much profit these insurance companies have. Again, a profit over a certain amount should be reimbursed to its customers and insurance should not tell us what to do with it or where to go.

13. Believe only half of what you see and none of what you hear. This includes my little rant here. In reality, it’s little o’ me and little o’ you. There’s not a lot we can do to change the world. However, I can do small things. I can shop at my local grocery store or meat market instead of going to Wal-Mart. I can buy my clothes at a local store and bank at my hometown bank. I can drive my used, beat up car and hope it makes it to my next destination or I can walk. I can buy someone’s meal who needs it more than I do. I can support the little dog, even if it inconveniences me a little.


Journeywoman said...

It is too bad you can't see me. I'm standing on a chair cheering you on.


Well said! VERY well said. I've been saying #5 for years.

Now, pick an issue and come over to my TT!.

storyteller said...

I tend to keep my political views to myself … but perhaps more of us should allow ourselves the freedom to ‘vent’ occasionally … especially in the quite practical and sensible (to me anyway) manner you’ve shared here. Methinks you and I could be sisters separated at birth … seriously. Well done!
Hugs and blessings,

All Rileyed Up said...

Insurance companies = pain in the a**.

The Blonde Duck said...

It's great you felt brave enough to share that. :)

Marty said...

Unfortunately, what started out as capitalism has become some bizarre form of socialism. We should stop dorking around and pick one instead of trying to straddle the fence.

Enjoyed your vent and not gonna argue the finer points :)