Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Just when I think...

things are starting to be okay, something else happens to muck it up. I had a thunderstorm at my house on Friday evening and, even though I turned everything off, lightning managed to strike nearby and it fried several outlets, my television, computer, and other electronic necessities. I had plans to blog, but since I don't have a computer or internet at home at the moment, I'll try to sneak in somewhere when I can.

This is a good reminder to everyone to BACK UP YOUR STUFF--EVERYDAY! I usually send it to my flash drive, but it's been a while. Though most of my things are backed up, I may be missing some things. I'm hoping it's only the power supply on the computer, but have to wait for insurance to do their "examining" and "adjusting" and everything before I can even get started on what I need to get started on.

I know my problems can't compare to what's going on in the hurricane ravaged cities and I'm thankful the lightning didn't catch anything on fire.

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