Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Thursday 13: I Deserve a Pampering

Life has been so hectic for me lately. I literally feel like I have stuck my finger in an electrical socket and it won't let me go. I'm buzzing around with some electrical charge, my head is spinning and won't seem to stop, yet I can't stop for one moment and actually concentrate on anything. For this reason, here's a list of 13 treats and treatments I'd really love to have. And if anyone wants to treat me to something, my birthday is in January! LOL :)

1. foot, ankle and calf massage

2. scalp massage

3. back massage

4. full body mud wrap treatment-or any body wrap treatment would work

5. facial

6. an evening with chocolate and wine with no worries that it's going directly to my stomach

7. an evening sitting in a jacuzzi with bubbles surrounding me and peace and quiet (absolutely no music or chatter!)

8. a nice, comfy pillow to lay my head with a warm, fuzzy blanket

9. a cucumber eye treatment

10. a weekend in the mountains, log cabin, nice warm fire, and the whole nine yards

11. deluxe pedicure

12. about three months off from work so I can unwind and reevaluate

13. right now, I would be happy with some tylenol and a dark room :)

Have a great Thursday, everyone (and the rest of Wednesday)!

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