Wednesday, October 15, 2008

13 Ways to Procrastinate

A writer's life truly is never dull. There's nothing worse than having the idea but not being able to project those ideas onto a page. Here's 13 things to do instead.

1. Check your email
2. Check your second email.
3. Check your myspace page.
4. Check your phone to make sure you don't have any missed calls or texts.
5. Rummage through the refrigerator when you don't there's nothing in there to eat.
6. Stare at the computer screen in hopes that the words will just type themselves.
7. Check your email again. Maybe someone replied to your earlier message.
8. Watch videos on Youtube.
9. Nibble on a piece of cheese.
10. Text hubby.
11. Post a blog about procrastinating.
12. Walk through the house. It seems like you forgot to do something early.

And finally...

13. Turn on your Ipod to drown out the rest of the noise and just WRITE!


Journeywoman said...

Great list.

I sometimes will actually clean to procrastinate.

The Blonde Duck said...

14) Eat pie.

15) Eat a pbj sandwich

16) Hop on the dreadmill.

17) Pick your nose.

18) Pick your toes.

I could go on.