Monday, October 13, 2008

What I did on my day off...

Stayed in my PJs
Got some good writing done on my current work-in-progress
Said a prayer of thanks
Organized my computer
Changed some of my pictures to icons to make it less boring
Got lost in my pictures
Checked my myspace page, which I haven’t done in ages
Checked email a couple of times (what a waste!)
Brushed my teeth after lunch
Still have half a day left to play...

Ahhh.....aren’t holidays wonderful?


The Blonde Duck said...

I wish I was off! I'm sitting here working! I'll e-mail you soon!

Carol Ann said...

Emma, I'm envious! I don't get any holidays except for the big ones. It was beautiful weather here. Glad you had a nice day off! I'm soooo behind on my manuscript.

Carol Ann Erhardt