Wednesday, August 23, 2006

What Does Your Writing Space Look Like?

WARNING: If you're a neat freak, don't look! LOL

I'm embarrassed to be sharing these pictures, but I figured if I put it out on the internet, then I'd have to face reality: I NEED TO CLEAN AND ORGANIZE!

My writing space is the messiest it has ever been. It’s cluttered and needs to be reorganized in a bad way!

I use a spare bedroom as my office. In this office, I write, surf on the internet, bay bills, even craft when I have the time and desire. I love to craft, have lots of craft things, but I don’t do it very often.

I walk into my office and off to the side is a suitcase. A big suitcase that I can’t really take on small trips, because it’s too big. I had to get it out of storage one day (not that I’ve been on any trips recently) and I never stuffed it back. I have to walk around it and this huge desk. Almost too big. It’s one of those U-shaped, particle board desks that I bought almost eight years ago for about $200. I have another, smaller desk across from it. This room is about 12X12. Scary!

Boxes are stuck against one wall. Boxes I need. I have books galore on a small bookcase, and even more books loaded in the 4X6 closet I use as a “library”. It’s a mess. I have craft books, garden books, travel books, home decorating books. Old things such as receipts stuffed in boxes that I’m keeping. I need to go through those.

Did I mention I love books?

I have a lot of books, and I go through phases where I’ll buy more. I’ll lend out my fiction books, though I don’t like to, but I will never lend out my craft books, garden books, self-help books, decorating books, etc.

I have boxes of those travel pamphlets, you know the ones you can order online for free? I love travel pamphlets, and I might need them one day. Makes good writing research.

The rest of my house really doesn't look this way. I'm mostly a clean person. But no wonder I’m having a writing problem right now. I really need to organize this mess!


Michelle Arroyo said...

Oh Emma, I had to laugh because I took a look at that and said to myself, "I wish my writing space was that neat." Mine was just cleaned up a bit yesterday, so now it is clutter free, but I didn't think your pictures showed that much clutter! You did know that the presence of a cluttered office/work space is a sign of genius?

Tawny Taylor said...

LOL I'm with Michelle! Mine's worse. So's the house...'cause I'm so busy writing I don't want to stop to clean. Plus, if I pick up the 2-year-old's toys, then he has nothing to do but get into trouble.

Melissa Marsh said...

I blogged on this and you can see where I create here:

Marty said...

Yep, I'm a neat freak...and I looked, lol. No, it's not so bad. I'm getting ready to paint my office, it's the last room to get a makeover. Can't wait!

Lee Morrison said...

LOL Emma, your office isn't bad at all! I funtion better when things are neat and orderly. Too bad my desk isn't that way right now...

My kitty doesn't seem to mind. He's curled up in his bed oblivious to the pile of mail I need to sort through from being away last week. (Hubby won't touch the mail, ugh!)

Good luck getting it the way you want it.


Lora said...

Gee, that looks exactly like my writing space, which spills over into every other room in the house. My husband just shakes his head and tries to avoid the fray!!!

aBookworm said...

Lol, my study should look half as good! I generally thrive in chaos but the clutter here is driving me mad. I know what I'll be doing this weekend :-)

Loribelle Hunt said...

Oh hmm, mine doesn't look so great right now and I don't have a pick handy. I blogged about it after a cleaning binge in July though lol. Complete with a pic of a cleaned up area lol.

ReeaHveli said...

wow, I wonder what mine's gonna look like when I settle. All I got right now, yuo can see on my blog;)