Sunday, August 20, 2006

Why I read and write romance.

It’s not because I lack romance in my own life. I love to read. I read more than I watch TV. To escape, to relax, to go off in another world. There’s not enough love in this world as it is, so I love to read about happily ever afters.

My aunt once said she wanted to write a children’s book, but that maybe she should write a romance because then she could just write about her fantasies. Do you feel my anger? I didn’t say anything. I should have. Writing romances have nothing to do with writing about your fantasies. If it did, you’d think it’d be a lot easier than it is!

I like to read and write romances because I like to help others develop new relationships. Call me a matchmaker, that's what I do when I write romance. I play matchmaker! How are these people going to react to each other the first time they meet? What is going to keep them apart? What is going to pull them together? Romance isn't all gushy. There's suspense in every romance. The suspense of how they're going to fall in love and the suspense of how they're going to end up together.

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Marty said...

I think in some ways I write about my fantasies, just not 'those' kind :) . I give my chraracters jobs, salaraies, cars, homes and adventures I'd love to go on.