Monday, October 22, 2007

Hot Burns and Mustard

Hot Burns and Mustard

Yep, I said it right. Hot burns, not hot dogs. I found a cure, or at least a home remedy that works for burns!

Last night I was cleaning my cast iron skillet. I’d left it in the sink too long, and you know how iron skillets can get rusty with water. I put it on the stove to dry, turned it off, did a few other things, poured some oil in it and, thinking it was cool, I stuck my right three fingers in the skillet to smooth out the oil.

YOOOUCCH! It was still hot, and my three fingers puffed with the pain. I have no idea what I was thinking, obviously I wasn’t thinking. I should have used a towel of course, or something. I shouldn’t have used anything at all, probably.

I ran it under water for just a minute, used ice, tried lavender oil because I always heard that would help (it didn’t), then stuck it in a cup of cold water for a long time. Nothing helped. It really hurt. I tried to take my mind off it, even watched an hour and a half movie putting my fingers in water off and on, but nothing worked.

Then my hubby says he thinks he remembers reading that mustard is supposed to help. At this point, I’m ready to try anything, and I'm big into home remedies. After all, I’ve tried this burn spray relief several times, the ice cold water, the trying to get my mind off it. Nothing worked. So I poured some mustard in a small bowl and stuck my fingers in it. If nothing else, it felt really good because it was nice and cool.

I am amazed! Downright amazed at what happened. I left it in there a couple of minutes, and afterwards didn’t have to use anything again. It’s been a day, and the puffiness that started to appear is now almost gone. You can see dry spots and the whiteness of the burn. (And the yellow under my fingernails because of the mustard, LOL).

Next time I burn myself, I know what to do. Run it under some cool water, then stick it in mustard! Seriously, I was amazed at the results and highly recommend mustard for burns.


The Blonde Duck said...

I'm sorry you burned yourself! I hope you're better!

Diane Craver said...

I didn't know that about mustard. I'll have to remember it the next time I get burned in the kitchen. Thanks for the remedy.

I'm glad you visited my blog today and you're entered in my book blog contest for October!

Marty said...

Huh--who knew? I do know that cold water isn't the thing, it should actually be warm. But the mustard, I guess it cuts it :)

Kim said...

I too have just burned myself a half hour ago after running an iron on a prom dress that I was doing some alterations on. I placed the iron on the iron board for just a second and the next thing I knew was that my hands had a burning sensation. I looked and there goes the damn iron. I ran into the bathroom and ran ice cold water on it (which really helped ease the pain). A lady who was there told me to put mustard on the burn (claiming that a girl she knew put mustard on her burn and her skin looked clear as if nothing happened). As i'm typing this very moment, I have mustard on my hand. Lets see if the mustard really works lol