Monday, October 15, 2007

A New Venture

After working all day, my brain is mush, so it's been hard for me to get online and blog. I think of all kinds of things to chat or blog about while working, but when I get home, it just seems like I can't think anymore. My job is emotionally exhausting, and here lately, my life has just been crazy busy.

Besides trying to fit writing into my schedule, my husband and I are starting our own business. He's a collision repair technician, and has been commuting for the past twelve years sometimes up to 200 miles round trip. So, we've gone into debt by taking out a loan and are working hard at succeeding with our own collision repair center. I know he can do it, but it's a matter of getting work before we can't pay our bills.

We've always had good credit, so it scares me to think of all that you have to do.

I wrote a business plan, but we ended up not needing it. Good experience, though. Here's a condensed version of the to-do list: Lease a building and get it ready for collision repair (which entails a paint booth, supplies, etc). Buy a fax machine and other office supplies (thank God we have a computer we can use), file a Tax ID and a sales tax id, file your assumed name, open a business account, set up a business phone...

Whew, I've already done all of that. That's what I've been doing (instead of writing) for the past few weeks. Now we've opened our doors.

This time of year is always slow for body shops. School just started, the weather is mild, the holidays are upcoming, and everyone has settled back into a routine after summer break only to be jerked back from it for the holiday season. Well, I can only hope something will happen BEFORE the holidays, because we can only live on our mere loan for a little while.

Wednesday, we are planning a "Meet and Greet" to get people aware of us. Now, I live in a small town and the body shop is actually about 5 miles outside of town, but everyone here is used to driving somewhere to get anywhere. Most people drive 45 miles to the nearest Wal-Mart, so hopefully it won't be a problem. Wednesday, we are serving hot dogs, drinks and other snacks, so if all else fails, hubby and I will have hot dogs to eat for the next few months, LOL.

My dad, who is also a collision repair tech., is involved, too, but we are fronting the money. It should work, if it works, because they get along well and work good together.

So...join me in the next few days, weeks, months as I journey through a business while working full time and writing full time. Yesterday, I had the pleasure of finally sitting down and doing some much needed revisions on a novella I'm working on, and charting my next novel. Oh, by the way, my 3rd novel is in submission stage, so I'm keeping my prayers going to hear something positive back on that.

Now, with a new business venture and an upcoming event, the concerns and marketing is similar to being a published author. Did I advertise enough? Am I still in budget (Budget? Wait, what's that!?!) If I build it, will they truly come? Am I taking a huge step into a pitfall, or do I need more blind faith? Oh...I can't begin to tell you the stresses I have faced, but I'm also proud of myself. Proud of myself for all I've accomplished and all I've learned. When I really start to feel down, I can think about all the things I have done. So, if things get really bad, frustration and/or stressful, I'm going to have to bring out the pictures and good memories to lighten my load, at least temporarily.

I'll let you know how Wednesday goes. I've talked to a journalist, and he's supposed to be there. I'm excited about that! Free advertising!


Amylia said...

good luck with everything, emma. i'm new to reading your blog--you commented over on chrissie in belgium's blog and i got your blog from there.

hope your business plan goes well and your diabetes stays in check, too.

let us know how it goes!

Tempest Knight said...

I know how it is when you have a full time job and come home exhausted. It's not easy to get into the funk of blogging and writing.

Good luck tomorrow with the meet-and-greet! I hope you get a good response and everything goes well.