Wednesday, October 03, 2007


I played my first game of Pokeno last night. A group of women get together the first Tuesday of the month, so I joined last night with plans to attend monthly.

If you've never heard of Pokeno (I haven't, until my aunt introduced me), it is like the Las Vegas Keno game. A group of women (there were 15 of us) sit around a table with this 'card', and we take turns calling out the suit. If you have it, you place a red chip over it. The person who is calling the cards get to choose how it's place, i.e. the top row, the middle, a cross, the four corners, or just one card in the middle.

You can read more about it here, since I'm no good at explaining.

Each person brings an expensive gift, based on a theme. Last night, the theme was pictures/photos. It could be a photo album, a picture frame, etc. The winner chooses a gift. It goes around. The winner keeps choosing a gift until the last person calls the cards. We take a break, open the gifts, eat (you also bring a dish, a snack, whatever). Then we do it again, but this time you choose the gift already unwrapped. Basically like white elephant. So if you win 3 times, you may go home with nothing if others take it away from you.

I didn't win. I was the very last person to call the cards, and I won on my card! Funny how things get more exciting when you win.

So I got to choose whatever gift I wanted without worries anyone would take it away, since it was the last game. Look what I ended up with:

Isn't it darling?

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Tempest Knight said...

Pokeno? I know what Pokemon is, but I don't know Pokeno.