Saturday, November 15, 2008

About my love of reading and writing...

As a reader, I’m looking for a story that makes me fall in love. As a writer I’m looking to reveal tension that grows until readers can’t wait another second to see what happens but hates the thought it’ll be over soon if they do keep reading. I write what I enjoy reading-romance, tension, profound characters, and suspense- and I write with a sense of purpose: to entertain, to make a reader feel emotions they didn’t know they were capable of feeling for a mere story, and to so enchant the reader that they will trust any new book that follows with my name.

Creativity in any form is a constant work in progress. As a writer, you must continue learning. Some writers say they don't read beause they don't want to be accused of taking over someone else's voice or stealing their idea. I say how sad. Reading helps me grow. I believe we are all individuals, and thus what we write will be unique.

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