Sunday, November 30, 2008

Water For Elephants

It's been awhile since I've posted a book review, but this was one of those I felt deserved my attention. I didn't expect to like it. Too much hype. I hate hype and will usually avoid books or movies with too much hype (okay, except the Pirates movies, superhero movies and...I could go on). Still, I normally read thrillers, suspense, and romance and normally avoid hype, though not always. You can't publish enough romantic suspense for my taste. This was none of those.

I confess that I decided to read WATER FOR ELEPHANTS because of an article in the Poets and Writers magazine by Sara Gruen's agent and because I thought reading outside my normal genre might help inspire me.

I was not disappointed. I started it on Wednesday before Thanksgiving and only read for the hour and a half long trip it took to get to my destination. Then I read it going home that Friday (didn't get a chance during the Thanksgiving holiday) and I couldn't put it down, even after the drive. (Thank goodness I was only a passenger, huh?) All in all, it took me 2 days.

There was something about the writing that just drew me in to the story, as if I was actually reading the man's account of his time at the circus. Even when he was brought back into his present reality (a 90 year old man in a nursing home remembering his time in the circus during the great depression) I didn't feel like I was being jerked out of the story.

The characters were real, even written from a first POV. Actually, they were made more real in that way. I was disappointed to finish it, because now I feel I have nothing to read. You know how it is when you're finished with a good story and nothing seems to compare. I'll have to let it sit in my brain for a few days before I can get into another one.

So if you love to read and haven't yet read this one, I highly recommend it. WATER FOR ELEPHANTS by Sara Gruen.


The Blonde Duck said...

Cool! I'll check it out!

Dorlana said...

Great Review - I think I'll have to look for this one.